Monday, January 22, 2007


At March 04, 2007 8:36 p.m., Blogger Les said...

I've been sitting, waiting, wishing, you believed in updating your blog. You can't tell me you haven't been having adventures to share!

At March 05, 2007 8:57 p.m., Blogger Kathleen McDade said...

Hey baby! I mean...errr...that was awkward. I put a whole schwackload of pictures up on Facebook and if I am not mistaken you received a pile of photomographs via good old fashioned letters. I'll get around to this blog business eventually but you will have to hold onto your horses until then...that is unless your don't make it out of the North Country. Good luck young son...and godspeed.

At October 17, 2007 8:03 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awww, you guys are cute!

I followed you here after reading about 90 km/h winds. Nunavit?


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