Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Trial: Jan 10, 2006

The Shelby dog in all her holiday glory.


At January 12, 2007 4:25 p.m., Blogger Andrew said...

I hope this flurry of activiy means you're going to start blogging about life in Kingston. I know Ali will feel nostalgic when reading...

Sorry we couldn't make it to your soirée the evening before you left, we had a glorious chance free accomdation at Kicking Horse, saddly the Gondola was shut down due to wind.

Aurevoir Vazaha!

At January 13, 2007 10:10 p.m., Anonymous Kathleen McDade said...

I found your blog when I Googled myself -- I'm Kathleen McDade in Portland, Oregon, USA. The funny thing is that I have a daughter named Shelby...and apparently you have a dog named Shelby?

At January 16, 2007 10:54 a.m., Blogger Les said...

Ah-ha, you'll fake with your secret identity and trickery no longer!

At January 17, 2007 2:42 p.m., Blogger Kathleen McDade said...

Hello everyone,

I will make this message tripartite seeing as how I don't know how to intercept your comments.

Andrew: Great to hear from you. I am trying to start up this blog business but I am out of an internet connection at my place for a week...and my winter biking skills have not reached a level I deem safe for travel avec mon laptop. I will update things as soon as I can...which will also force me to take some more pictures of Kingston life. Sorry to hear about the gondola at Kicking Horse...I'm sure it would have sucked anyway!

Kathleen McDade: Holy Smokes! I must confess that I googled myself not too long ago and found some old Irish dancing results of mine and my cousin's fencing standing who lives in Sackville (a fellow Kathleen McDade). Crazy coincedence that your daughter and my dog have the same name. I did "borrow" it from the movie Steel Magnolias so its human roots can not be denied. How's life in Portland these days? I have always wanted to head down that way...if I ever bike down the Western seabord I will give you a shout!

Lester: YOU SPILLED THE BEANS!!! I have no choice but to assume my alter ego Mooky McDade thanks to you. Kater will be delighted.

At November 12, 2008 12:24 a.m., Anonymous Stefanie said...

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